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5 ways to add calligraphy to your wedding

Obsessed with calligraphy? We would make good friends!

For most people, the only time in their lives they might hire a calligrapher is for their wedding. Calligraphy is the perfect way to add a personal touch and artistry, while at the same time outsourcing some of those dreaded tasks you'll have to complete anyway.

I've ordered these based on what I think you absolutely need to what would be nice only if you have the budget.

1. Seating Chart

If I could recommend you hired a calligrapher for one thing and one thing only, it would be your seating chart. Let's face it - unless you opt for escort cards, only have 10 people on your guest list, or enjoy chaos, you HAVE to have a seating chart. These things are so much work and were honestly the only source of tears when I was planning my own wedding. If you have a calligraphy budget (which you should!), definitely hire out your seating chart.


2. Place Cards


Place cards are so fun for me as a calligrapher, but they're tedious work for brides and grooms. That's because they're one of the last things you work on, merely weeks or sometimes days out from the big day when all your RSVPs have trickled in. Do your future self a HUGE favour and hire a calligrapher for this one, so you can breathe easy (and hit the spa) the week before your wedding. Plus, how awesome is it as a guest to see your name written out by hand in calligraphy?


3. Envelopes


Envelopes come in at #3 because, while it's a huge time saver to not have to address all your own envelopes (I'm talking several evenings worth of your time), you'll be slightly less under the gun while you're doing your envelopes than your seating chart or place cards. That being said, hand addressed envelopes done by a professional calligrapher are such a unique and thoughtful touch, they are worth the extra budget if you have it. There is nothing like sifting through your pile of mail only to find your name written out in the most gorgeous calligraphy script.


4. Table Numbers

There are so many ways to do a table number, but I love when it's done in calligraphy, and here's why: it's all about cohesiveness. As the former editorial director of a local Winnipeg wedding magazine, I can attest that the best weddings that landed on my desk told a story. They were cohesive from first to last. If your envelopes, place cards, seating chart, and signs are all in one gorgeous and swoopy script, and your table numbers match, your editorial game will be through the roof. (PS: table numbers are a great item to rent and they may end up costing you less than creating them yourself)


5. Vows

You absolutely don't NEED your vows written out in calligraphy. They could be scrawled across the back of a receipt for all your guests care. They are the most important words you'll ever say in your life, and what matters is that they're said and agreed to. That's the bridge from a wedding into a marriage. But as far as wedding keepsakes go, you will cherish handwritten vows for the rest of your life. I speak from experience when I say that you'll forget your vows if you don't have them written out somewhere. If handwritten vows just aren't in the budget, keep them in mind for your first year anniversary (it happens sooner than you think).

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