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RSVP Card Wording

Your RSVP card is the one piece of the wedding invitation suite that will be returned to you with important information. To make sure your RSVPs include the information you need and fit into your invitation suite as a whole, you'll need to consider the following.

RSVP cards serve a few purposes in the wedding invitation suite:

- They allow your guests to RSVP to your wedding

- They communicate your RSVP deadline

- They offer meal choices

- They can point to your wedding website for more information (as wedding websites shouldn't be listed on the invite themselves)

Compared with your wedding invitation, you don't have nearly as much information to worry about on your RSVP card, but the way you word your RSVPs will depend on the level of formality of your wedding and the information you need to collect.

1. RSVP Line

This line is very important - it tells your guests what to do with this card.

Some examples include:


- Please Reply

- Kindly RSVP/Reply/Respond

- Your Reply is Requested

2. Deadline

This deadline is so important, not only for final numbers for your venue and caterer, but also for your place cards and seating chart. I recommend setting your reply date to one month after your invitations have hit mailboxes, and no less than one month before your wedding date.

3. Name Line

Guests will put their own names on this line. What's with the "M."? Traditionally, an "M." is marked next to the line to indicate Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms, but you might skip that altogether by writing "Name(s)."

4. Options Line

You'll need to include two options here: One for yes, and one for no. The options are seriously endless depending on how playful you're willing to be, but here are some.

Some examples include:

- Accepts with pleasure / Regretfully declines

- Wouldn't miss it for the world / Will celebrate from afar

- Graciously accepts / Respectfully declines

- Will attend / Unable to attend

- Yes, let’s party / No, and I’ll forever regret this decision

You might also include menu options here, which can be indicated with their names or with adorable illustrations. If you have a wedding website that is accepting RSVPs, the RSVP card is a good place to mention it as well.



Kindly Respond

By June First

M. ________________

Graciously accepts / Respectfully declines

_ Chicken _ Beef _ Vegetarian


Please Reply

By June 1st

M. ______________

Accepts with pleasure / Regretfully declines



Please fill in the blanks:

___________! (Exclamation)

____________ is/are ___________ to attend, (Your name(s)) (able/unable)

and I/we will ____________ the night away!


Kindly mail by June 1st

(Fun Destination)

Please Reply

By June 1st

Name(s): ____________________

Bags Packed, Ready to Go! / Hate to Say Can’t Make It

Or RSVP at our wedding website:

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