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I'm back! Kind of...

After having a baby in July 2018, and fully expecting to be back at wedding invitations by November (yeah... four months later) I'm happy to announce that I'm finally back. It only took me an extra four months on top of that to pull myself together.

Motherhood is no joke. With baby Georgia, I only just feel like I'm emerging from newborn fog, and she's 8 months old. She's a fully mobile, crawling, giggling, happy baby now, but it hasn't always been that way. On top of that, I have an adorable but very needy two year old to attend to. Wedding invitations were the last thing on my mind.

I'm back... kind of. I've decided to focus on semi-custom wedding invitations only, because they're the one thing that I truly LOVE doing. I love coaching a couple through their wedding invitations process, and I find it incredibly satisfying to hand over a printed product that we've spent so long perfecting.

I'll be starting slow and taking on a select number of couples - just enough so that I'm a mom first and a calligrapher second. Gotta keep those priorities straight.

That being said, I'm so excited to take on my first wedding invitations clients of 2019. Send me a message early to avoid disappointment!


Free Table Numbers!

Print them at home. Numbers 1-25. 

$100 value.

Photo by Charmaine Mallari

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