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Wedding Invitations: The Process

Wedding planning can be stressful, but my philosophy is that wedding invitations should be the easy part! I've been doing wedding invitations in Winnipeg since 2016, and I've fine-tuned my process down to a science, one that will leave you feeling loved and supported the whole way.

I'd love to share that process with you today.


The very first step is to submit an inquiry via my website. You'll hear back from me with an estimate, and usually we'll go back and forth a few times to answer any questions you might have for me, or I might have for you.

Your estimate will include any and all items you'd like to include in your invitation suite: the invitation itself, RSVP card, save the date, envelopes, envelope address calligraphy, invitation envelope liner, menu, or program. I always recommend ordering more than you'll think you'd need in case of extra guests, invites that go missing in the mail, or a few keepsake invitation suites that you'll want to keep for your memory books.

When you're ready to proceed and the estimate looks good, I'll send you a contract and payment instructions. I require a 50% payment before work begins. Once you send me the contract and payment - congratulations! Your invitation design will officially begin.

Photo by Charmaine Mallari


3-4 weeks

I'll immediately send you two things. The first is a link to your online portal, where we'll exchange design proofs and you'll be able to approve of them and request any changes. You'll also be able to view your contract, invoice and payment schedule here.

The second thing I send you will be mailed out to you. It will be two paper samples: thick cotton and double thick cotton. I always base my estimates off of the thick cotton (which, trust me, you will love!) and if you'd like to upgrade to the double thick cotton I'll let you know what the extra cost will be.

At this point, I'll order paper and envelopes so that they arrive in time for printing.

You'll receive a number of questionnaires in your client portal. They might be titled "Invitations" or "Save the Dates," and you'll fill them out once you have that information. I'll use these to create the digital first drafts of your items.

Once they're available, I'll send you the digital first drafts. You'll be able to see both the front and the back of each item. You'll either approve of them entirely, or send me back corrections. I'll give you three to five days to do this (it's ok if you take longer, but your printing schedule might be affected if you do).

Once all digital first drafts are approved, I'll send you a paper proof via mail. You'll have one last chance to approve, and then bam... everything goes to print!

Photo by Krista Hawryluk


1 week

If you have requested envelope calligraphy, at this point I'll require your list of recipients and I'll get hard at work addressing all your envelopes.

Once the finished product is available, including every invitation, RSVP card, save the date, envelope, menu, program, and whatever else you might have ordered, I'll double check everything: each item for scuffs from printing, each envelope for the correct address, all numbers to ensure every item is accounted for.

If all's well, I'll resend you your invoice requesting the final 50% payment, which I always request before the final product is shipped.

Once I've received a payment, I'll pop your package in the mail. Canada Post usually quotes me 2-4 business days for mailing within Canada, depending on where you're located. I always require a signature upon delivery, so if you're not home it will be delivered to the nearest Canada Post pickup location.

Photo by Charmaine Mallari


Hooray! You've received your package, and you're ready to assemble and send your wedding invitations!

But wait... what if you have an issue with the package? Not to worry!

If you need more invitations, or suddenly change your venue and need new invites printed, or have anything else suddenly go wrong, let me know and I'll get to work immediately. All costs, including shipping, will be reflected in another invoice, which you'll be responsible for paying in full before the final product is sent your way.

If you discover an error that was my responsibility, such as a printing error or too few invites, I'll get to work immediately to rectify the situation, and rush ship your package out to you. Though, I can still say, this hasn't happened to me once!

Phew! Well, I hope this answers all your wedding invitations questions. I hope this post was helpful, and if you're ready to book, send me a message, or keep browsing for more inspiration.

Happy Planning!

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