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Sending Your Wedding Invitations

If you've gotten this far in the wedding invitations game and you're all ready to pop them in the mail, congratulations! You're about to cross one big fat item off your wedding checklist.

You'll want to give sending your wedding invitations a bit of forethought, though, not only for logistical purposes but also for the added expense it brings to your budget.

Speaking of budget, let's go there first:

How much does it cost to mail your wedding invitations in Canada? (as of March 2019)

After a recent Canada Post stamp price increase in January of 2019, here's what postage looks like:


0-30 g = $1.05 (single stamp) / $0.90 (stamp in a booklet)

30-50 g = $1.27


0-30 g = $1.27

30-50 g = $1.90


0-30 g = $2.65

30-50 g = $3.80

As a typical example, if you're sending out 100 invitations of standard weight (0-30 grams), most of them are being sent within Canada, and you have chosen to include a stamp on your RSVP envelopes as a courtesy to your guests, you'll end up paying a little over $200 plus GST for stamps (how much over $200 will depend on how many are going abroad).

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Mailing Weight

You see the letter weight in grams above? Most simple invitation suites (invitation + RSVP card + RSVP envelope) on standard paper will slip into the 0-30 gram category. If you add some extras (say, a wax seal and an information card) the letter will end up in the 30-50 gram category.

Of course, while I make no guarantees about postage pricing, I can make suggestions along the way about which category I think your invitation suite might end up in.

How To Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

A few tips once you're ready to assemble:

- Buy an envelope sealer from your local office store, like Staples. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George's fiancée dies from licking too many wedding envelopes? Of course that won't actually happen... but you might feel like death after tasting that many envelopes.

- The perfect invitation suite recipe goes like this: When putting everything in the envelope, the large pieces go in behind (with your invitation on top, front facing) and the smaller pieces go in front (with your RSVP card on top, front facing). The RSVP card envelope should go behind the RSVP card, with the flap over top of the RSVP card. This is by no means the only way of doing things, but it's my favourite, since it allows your guest to see all the items and colours, and the smaller pieces won't get forgotten in the envelope.

- If you're including an RSVP card stamp as a courtesy to your guests on your RSVP envelope (which is expected if you want them to reply to your event), make sure you add it before sealing up the outer envelope!

How To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Do a tally of your guests and determine the exact number of invitations that will be sent: 1) within Canada (province/territory doesn't matter), 2) to the USA, and 3) international. Put this list on your phone or somewhere you won't forget when you visit the post office.

What about RSVP envelope stamps? Add them to the tally for "within Canada" only. Then make a separate tally for USA and international. Ask the Canada Post agent about an international reply voucher.

Assemble one invitation suite exactly as you'd be sending it (it doesn't have to be sealed) and take it over to your local Canada Post post office. They are often in Shoppers Drug Marts, but check before going since they're not in every one. Hand over your invitation suite as well as the number of stamps and their destination. The post office agent will sell you the exact amount of stamps you need in their exact value. Buy it and bring it home, and treat them like money (they essentially are).

Stamp all your outer envelopes and RSVP card envelopes, then seal them up. I would recommend bringing them back to the Canada Post office to mail unless you have less than 20 invitations, in which case they will likely fit in your local Canada Post box.

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When Will My Invitations Arrive?

Here's what Canada Post quotes for arrival times (in business days):


Within a city or town: 2 days Within a province: 3 days Across provinces: 4 days


4-6 days


4-7 days

That being said, these are general guidelines. I find that most of my clients' invites arrive mostly within this timeframe, with a few straggler invitations arriving after about 2 weeks. Be patient before you resend.

Getting your wedding invitations in the mail is a huge sigh of relief! With a little organization and preparation, you'll be sitting in a bubble bath totally stress free (and you've earned it!)

For the most up to date information from Canada Post, be sure to check out their website.

Happy Planning!

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