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4 Things Your Wedding Invitations Say to Your Guests

Like it or not, your wedding invitations will convey a lot more to your guests that just what's written on them. From the moment they open the envelope, your guests are picking up on certain cues that let them know what to expect from your wedding. After all, this is the first taste of your big day that they're getting.

Send the right message by considering these unsaid cues.

Level of Formality

Guests will pick up the level of formality at your wedding as they're opening the invitations. Are the fonts tidy and orderly, or are they loose and free? Do guests RSVP through a wedding website, or is there a formal RSVP card and stamped envelope included? Is the wording formal? Pay attention to these cues as your wedding invitations are being designed to ensure you send the right message to your guests.

Colour Palette + Theme

You'll have to pick your colour palette and theme before designing your wedding invitations. This is one of the biggest things guests will pick up on. If your invitations are elegant, with black calligraphy on plain white paper, but your wedding is rustic with a green and purple colour palette, guests will wonder if they're come to the right wedding.


Like it or not, your wedding invitations have a lot to say about the kind of budget you're putting toward your wedding. This is mostly conveyed by paper quality and thickness, but your design matters here too. If the invitations look like an amateur job, guests will know to expect the rest of the wedding to look similar.


Guests can also pick up on how much fun they can expect to have at your wedding, and how playful you're willing to be. Don't get me wrong - it's not as if failing to convey "fun" on your invitations will set your guests up to be bored, and depending on the level of formality of your wedding, you might not be able to be too playful on your wedding invitations. But if you're having an informal wedding, you might consider playing around with the wording: "Jen and John are getting hitched" or "Join us as Jen and John tie the knot." You could also play around with RSVP lines (instead of "graciously accepts," try "be there with bells on") or add a line for song requests on the RSVP card.

However you design your wedding invitations, you'll be on track if you think ahead.

Happy Planning!

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